Monday, November 23, 2009

A second Republican files for McCarthy vacancy

This is what I get for cracking wise: Just a few hours after I wrote, "Given that the special filing period for the McCarthy vacancy closes this afternoon, the odds are [that Maureen Masterson Pulia] will remain the only Republican" to file for a judicial vacancy in Cook County, Michaela Nolan Ryan (pictured at right) filed her papers.

Ryan ran unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination to the Devlin vacancy in the 12th Judicial Subcircuit in 2008. Ryan has been a lawyer in Illinois since 1991. She maintains an office in Winnetka.

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Albert K said...

This is remarkable--there hasn't been a countywide Republican primary contest since 1998. The McCarthy vacancy was a later-opening vacancy; maybe they each thought they could sneak in under the wire and no one else would file. But several Democrats did file as well as the two Republicans.