Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lottery results -- Third Judicial Subcircuit

Links are to campaign websites, where known. (Have you found a site I've missed? Send me an email or leave a comment.) The candidates, then, in ballot order in Cook County's Third Judicial Subcircuit are:

Carmody Vacancy
  • Allen F. Murphy;
  • Peter M. Kramer;
  • Thomas G. O'Brien;
  • Steven G. Watkins (objection pending);
  • Charles Francis Fitzgerald;*
  • Daniela Silaides.
Darcy Vacancy
  • Edward Harmening;
  • James Patrick Doran;
  • Thomas J. Murphy;
  • David J. Coleman.
Additional Judgeship A
* I had not previously found Fitzgerald's campaign website. I have added it to the Sidebar.
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