Friday, November 20, 2009

Maureen Leahy Delehanty appointed to Riley vacancy

If you looked at this August post, which I'd updated as recently as September 12, you'd have seen that William R. Jackson, Jr. was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to the countywide Riley vacancy (the Vacancy of the Hon. Ronald C. Riley, as opposed to the 11th Subcircuit Riley vacancy, to wit, Vacancy of the Hon. Barbara Riley).

Still with me?

Judge Jackson was not slated by the Democratic Party for the countywide Riley vacancy -- but he was selected one of five new Cook County Associate Judges. When Judge Jackson became an Associate Judge, the Riley vacancy was opened up again.

But not for long.

In yet another appointment I missed, on November 3, the Illinois Supreme Court appointed Assistant State's Attorney Maureen Leahy Delehanty to the new-old vacancy. Judge Delehanty began her judicial career on November 16; this appointment will end on December 6, 2010.

Delehanty is not currently a candidate for judicial office. She did file for the Donnersberger vacancy in the Third Judicial Subcircuit for the 2008 primary but withdrew in December 2007, allowing appointed Judge Patrick J. Sherlock to hold that seat by default.

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