Saturday, November 21, 2009

Several Cook County judges recalled to service

Two veteran Cook County jurists, Henry A. Budzinski and Curtis Heaston, have been recalled to judicial service for another year, ending November 30, 2010.

Each of these judges was also recalled to additional service:

Martin D. Coghlan,
Kenneth Lee Fletcher,
James A. Shapiro,
Lauretta Higgins Wolfson,
Martha A. Mills,
Walter Williams, and
William H. Wise.

Two Associate Judges have also been recalled, Joan M. Kubalanza (who's running for the Lipinski vacancy in the 15th Judicial Subcircuit) and John M. Grogan.

The court has appointed each of these individuals to serve through November 30, 2012. Depending on what really happens when the Mayan calendar runs out, that might be just about enough....

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