Monday, November 16, 2009

Chicago Federation of Labor judicial endorsements

The Chicago Federation of Labor released its Cook County Judicial endorsements on November 12. The CFL has endorsed the following individuals:

1st Appellate – McNulty Vacancy

Jim Ryan

1st Appellate – O’Malley Vacancy

Thomas L. Hogan

1st Appellate – South Vacancy

Mary Katherine Rochford

Cook Circuit – Berland Vacancy

William H. Hooks

Cook Circuit – Bronstein Vacancy

Terry MacCarthy

Cook Circuit – Dolan Vacancy

Linda J. Pauel

Cook Circuit – Hayes Vacancy

Raymond W. Mitchell

Cook Circuit – Kelley Vacancy

John Patrick Callahan, Jr.

Cook Circuit – O’Malley Vacancy

Thomas V. Lyons

Cook Circuit – Riley Vacancy

James Michael Bailey

Cook Circuit – 1st Subcircuit – Coleman Vacancy

Thaddeus L. Wilson

Cook Circuit – 1st Subcircuit – Steele Vacancy

Michelle Hugghis Flagg

Cook Circuit – 1st Subcircuit – A Vacancy

No Endorsement

Cook Circuit – 3rd Subcircuit – Carmody, Jr. Vacancy

Allen F. Murphy

Cook Circuit – 3rd Subcircuit – Darcy Vacancy

Edward Harmening

Cook Circuit – 3rd Subcircuit – A Vacancy

Daniel Malone

Cook Circuit – 9th Subcircuit – Otaka Vacancy

Abbey Fishman Romanek

Cook Circuit –9th Subcircuit – A Vacancy

Michael Ian Bender

Cook Circuit – 11th Subcircuit – Riley Vacancy

Steven J. Fruth

Cook Circuit – 14th Subcircuit – A Vacancy

Daniel James Pierce

Cook Circuit – 15th Subcircuit – Lipinski Vacancy

Linzey D. Jones

Cook Circuit – 15th Subcircuit – Panichi Vacancy

George F. Scully

Cook Circuit – 15th Subcircuit – Phelan Vacancy

John C. Griffin

From the CFL press release, "The Chicago Federation of Labor is the central labor body covering Chicago and Cook County. The CFL has 300 affiliated labor unions comprised of approximately half a million union members. The endorsements were decided by the CFL Committee on Political Education, with delegates from all affiliated unions."

I'd seen a post on a candidate's Facebook page over the weekend about the CFL endorsements, but Illinoize beat me to the punch in posting this information.

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