Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Several additional petition challenges dropped or overruled

The Cook County Clerk's website confirms that petition challenges have been withdrawn as to 15th Subcircuit candidate Diana Embil (Doody vacancy). A petition challenge has also been dropped as to 4th Subcircuit candidate James J. Ryan (Billik vacancy).

The Cook County Electoral Board has also overruled a number of challenges, including challenges against 12th Subcircuit candidates James L. Kaplan and Samuel Bae. A challenge to countywide judicial candidate Stephen J. Feldman's candidacy (Reyes vacancy) has also been overruled. Two challenges were filed to Patricia S. Spratt's nominating petitions for the countywide Neville vacancy. The Cook County Electoral Board has overruled one of these challenges, but another remains pending.

The Cook County Clerk's website does not yet confirm it, but FWIW has also learned that the challenge to the nominating petitions filed by Judge Sharon Oden Johnson (App. Ct. - Steele vacancy) will also be withdrawn.

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