Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Judge Andrea Michele Buford interviewed by Commissioner Frank Avila

CAN-TV producer Tony Joyce has given me permission to re-post the Election 2014 interviews of Cook County judicial candidates that he has has recently posted on the YouTube IssueForum channel.

Here, Judge Andrea Michele Buford, candidate for the countywide Veal vacancy, is interviewed by Metropolitan Water Reclamation Commissioner Frank Avila. Commissioner Avila is a candidate for reelection to the MWRD; like Judge Buford, he is endorsed by the Cook County Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

Those were some hard hitting questions. Nothing more than a political infomercial between two candidates slated by the democratic party, disguised as an interview.

Jack Leyhane said...

Anon, I'll grant you that no one at 60 Minutes is looking over their shoulder because of this or any of the other candidate interviews you're likely to see on this site. I put these up because these interviews are often the only opportunity that most voters are likely to have to see and hear from judicial candidates.