Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Campaign committees: If you've sent me something and I don't turn it around in a couple of days, please call me

I don't get stuff up immediately -- sometimes I actually have to engage in the practice of law -- but, if you're waiting patiently... then impatiently... and seeing no post on the event you sent in, it may be because you got stuck in the spam filter along with the notifications about all the European lotteries I've won simply by having an email account and all the generals' widows and sheiks' daughters who want my help in moving millions of dollars into the United States.

I do check the spam folder periodically, just in case, but browsing through the spam is generally not my top priority. I can make no warranties or promises that I'll catch stuff that gets stuck there.

I'm in Sullivan's. I have voice mail. But -- please -- give me a day, at least, OK?

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