Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Judge Laura Liu is assigned to the Appellate Court

The Illinois Supreme Court today elevated Circuit Court Judge Laura Liu to the Appellate Court.

Technically, Justice Bertina E. Lampkin, a Circuit Court judge who serves on the Appellate Court pursuant to Supreme Court appointment, was appointed to the vacancy created by the sudden death of Justice Patrick J. Quinn. (Justice Lampkin will, however, retain her current caseload in the Sixth Division.) Judge Liu is being assigned to the vacancy created as a result of Justice Lampkin's reassignment; Judge Liu will, however, assume Justice Quinn's caseload in the First District's Second Division.

Judge Liu will remain a Circuit Court judge during her assignment to the Appellate Court (at any given time roughly one quarter of the First District's justices are Circuit Court judges assigned to the Appellate Court by the Illinois Supreme Court). Judge Liu's assignment, and Justice Lampkin's, runs from February 3 through December 5, 2016.

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