Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chicago Federation of Labor makes endorsements in Cook County judicial races

The Chicago Federation of Labor today announced its endorsements for the upcoming March primary.

The CFL has endorsed many of the same candidates slated by the Cook County Democratic Party -- but it has strayed from the slate in a number of races. In Cook County judicial races, the CFL has endorsed:

First District Appellate Court

Susan Kennedy Sullivan -- Gordon Vacancy
David Ellis -- Murphy Vacancy
John B. Simon -- Steele Vacancy

Circuit Court -- Countywide Vacancies

Bridget Anne Mitchell -- Arnold Vacancy
Maritza Martinez -- Burke Vacancy
Kristal Rivers -- Connors Vacancy
Daniel J. Kubasiak -- Egan Vacancy
Caroline Kate Moreland -- Howse Vacancy
Thomas J. Carroll -- Lowrance Vacancy
Cynthia Y. Cobbs -- McDonald Vacancy
William B. Raines -- Neville Vacancy
Diana Rosario -- Reyes Vacancy
Andrea Michele Buford -- Veal Vacancy

Cook County Subcircuit Vacancies

Terrence J. McGuire -- 3rd Subcircuit Donnelly Vacancy

Maureen Masterson Pulia -- 4th Subcircuit Billik Jr. Vacancy
Martin D. Reggi -- 4th Subcircuit Mulhern Vacancy

Robert D. Kuzas -- 7th Subcircuit Hardy‐Campbell Vacancy
Judy Rice -- 7th Subcircuit Taylor Vacancy

Jerry A. Esrig -- 9th Subcircuit Goldberg Vacancy
Thomas M. Cushing -- 9th Subcircuit Preston Vacancy

Anthony C. Kyriakopoulos -- 10th Subcircuit A Vacancy

Pamela McLean Meyerson -- 11th Subcircuit A Vacancy

James Edward Hanlon Jr. -- 12th Subcircuit Jordan Vacancy

Caroline M. Kennedy‐Elkins -- 13th Subcircuit Iosco Vacancy

Diana Embil -- 15th Subcircuit Doody Jr. Vacancy
Chris Lawler -- 15th Subcircuit Sterba Vacancy

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Union Member said...

Why did the CFL endorse Maureen Masterson Pulia for 4th Subcircuit judge?? She apparently has been a Republican for her entire political career up to this election, and ran as a Republican in 2008 and 2010; she is rated "Not Qualified" by the Illinois State Bar Association and the Chicago Council of Lawyers; and, according to other endorsers, has no litigation experience which disqualify her in their opinion.I really want to cast an informed vote here. Can you explain your reasoning here? There are 2 other candidates who get much better ratings, especially John Mahoney. Why was Masterson Pulia endorsed over these others? Thank you!