Saturday, October 03, 2015

October 30 fundraiser for "volunteer-dishwashing" Judge Ahmad

I used to say all judicial candidates have to raise money to get elected. I have since learned that, if this is a rule, there are exceptions. Very few exceptions, but some. But most -- nearly all -- judicial candidates have to raise money.

And so it is no surprise that supporters of Judge Maryam Ahmad have scheduled an October 30 fundraiser for their candidate at Truth Italian Restaurant, 56 East Pershing Rd. And, given the proximity of the event to Halloween, it is likewise no surprise that guests are asked to come in costume.

But... volunteer-dishwashing judge?

I had to ask.

It turns out that Truth's owner, Ms. Peytyn Wilborn, and Judge Ahmad are friends. A campaign representative explained in an email, "Judge Ahmad was very impressed by Ms. Wilborn's drive and determination to succeed in an area of the city that needs more businesses. Judge Ahmad started volunteering to wash dishes at Truth to assist Ms. Wilborn in her efforts AND as a way to personally meet southside residents. Judge Ahmad believes that the first time a person meets a judge should NOT be in court."

The October 30 fundraiser starts at 6:00 p.m. No specific admission price has been specified but (remember, this is a fundraiser) campaign donations will be cheerfully accepted. For more information about the event, contact Ms. Wilborn at (312) 715-8796.

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