Friday, October 23, 2015

Decision Day today for Dorothy Brown

The Cook County Democratic Party will be meeting at 11:00 a.m. today, October 23 at the Erie Street Cafe, 536 W. Erie Street, to determine whether to rescind its endorsement of Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown for the March Primary.

Today's meeting follows a decision Wednesday by the executive committee of the Cook County Democratic Party, calling for today's full meeting of the Central Committee. The Central Committee is made up of the 50 Chicago Ward and 30 Township Committeemen.

Any presentations by Circuit Court Clerk candidates seeking a possible endorsement will be open to the public. However, the deliberations of the Party Committeemen are private.

The unusual reconsideration of the Central Committee's decision to slate Dorothy Brown for another term as Clerk of the Circuit Court stems from recent revelations of an active, ongoing Federal investigation including a visit by Federal investigators to Clerk Brown's home during the week of October 5. Brown's county-issued cellphone was apparently seized by agents in the course of that visit.


Anonymous said...

The phone she carried must have held good pix

Of Joe, Zook or Toni up to some dirty tricks,

A committee would meet to ferret this out,

For sure she’d be un-slated, was there ever a doubt.

She begged and pleaded, she was in quite a fix,

Even Speaker Madigan could not stop the Eighty-Six.

“We apologize Miss Brown, we mean not to embarrass,

now please pass that secret jobs list to our loyal friend Miss


Anonymous said...

I thought it was humiliating and embarrassing to not be slated in the back room of a tavern, but poor Dorothy Brown had her slating status revoked there. Now that is low. I'd go home and drink a fifth of scotch after that.

I did enjoy Brown's contract theory and invocation of Roberts' Rules of Order.

What a circus!

Anonymous said...

It's all about jobs and everyone that voted against her wants some of those jobs for their people.