Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Money talks? Hamilton campaign talks about money

Judge Carrie Hamilton's campaign manager Sean Tenner called the other day to let FWIW know that his candidate had $138,860.57 in funds available as of the close of the September 30 reporting period, raising $72,590 in donations during that time.

Hamilton was recently slated by local Democratic committeemen for the Tristano vacancy in the north suburban 12th Subcircuit.

If you'd like to see how your favorite candidate is doing in the fundraising department, visit this page of the Illinois State Board of Elections website. Change the first 'drop down' from 'starts with' to 'contains' and enter the last name of the candidate in which you're interested.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, what a low-class move on Tenner's part.

Jack Leyhane said...

Anon, I'm not sure what you mean by "low-class move" in this context.

If you mean that you're a tad queasy about judicial candidates needing to raise money in order to get elected, I quite agree with you. But pretending that accumulating a significant campaign war chest is not an important component of the judicial election process is not helpful, is it?

Regular blurbs about fundraisers notwithstanding, I've probably not focused enough on the financial aspects of seeking judicial office in this blog.

So when Mr. Tenner sought to plant this story -- and, yes, campaigns reach out to me to publicize what they want to publicize -- I thought the post might provide a good opportunity to point readers in the direction of the ISBE campaign finance reports.

Now I'm sure that you, and nearly all of my regular readers, are far more adept at negotiating campaign contribution reports than I. But this blog also attracts unaffiliated, but still interested voters and sometimes teachers and students who may not be as familiar with the process as the regulars here. And information about the dollars and cents of campaign financing may be helpful, and possibly illuminating, for those visitors.

Anonymous said...

While I am sure from time to time the general public does find their way to this blog; the core devotes are those poor souls that want to be judges; and we all know how the game is played. Tenner only used this blog to make sure that we all know his client has a few bucks in the account. Maybe he expects she will now get a free ride because no one will file against her in the 12th? He does not call you discuss her qualifications or experience but rather her money. How sad, and yes, classless. I am glad you recognize that this story is, as you describe, a plant, and not a story at all. Let's not allow this blog to be used as a platform for individuals like Tenner.

Anonymous said...

In the legal profession many times representation of a high-profile or infamous client will make a lawyer's reputation. Deserved or not. Sean Tenner's claim to fame is Judge Megan Goldish who won her seat in the 9th Judicial Subcircuit. But Carrie Hamilton is no high-energy, warm and friendly, win at all costs, Megan Goldish. Additionally, it is hard to lose an election when, as Goldish did, the candidate spends an enormous amount of money and moves last second into a friendly Subcircuit. Yep, that race not only made Goldish a judge, but also gave credibility to Tenner. Deserved or not.

I understand why Tenner and JL wanted this non-story posted. Tenner wants to make sure that everyone knows that Hamilton is going to follow the Goldish playbook. JL wants to look a little deeper into the economics of judicial campaigns. But actually there is very little to look into. Financially speaking there are only three types of judicial candidates: Those with no money; those with some money; and those with too much money. The first two types of candidates are, for lack of a better words, thoroughly boring. It is the third type of candidate like Goldish, (or Harris or Simon) who are interesting and entertaining to watch. So please, as this election cycle moves forward, I have no interest in accounting updates from the Hamilton camp.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why people are getting so worked up about this. The post said Judge Hamilton raised over $70,000 in donations. This has nothing to do with whether she does or does not have money. She has support from a number of people who care about her campaign. That's more than many candidates can say. Given her qualifications it's not a surprise. She has the backing of four former United States Attorneys including former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald who gave her $1000. I don't know who Tenner is but I know the other people supporting her and that says a lot. I agree with what has been said, it's not about money, it about support. I'm impressed by the support. Forget the money.