Thursday, October 15, 2015

Invite reminders, endorsements and other small items

I put this up before, but the Bertina Lampkin campaign requested that I again remind readers of the fundraiser being held tonight to support Justice Lampkin's candidacy at Petterino's, 50 West Randolph Street, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be the Honorary Chair for this gathering. Tickets are priced at $150 each and sponsorships are available as well (Friend - $250, Supporter - $500, Host - $1,000, Co-Chair - $2,500, or Chair - $5,000). For more information the event, or to order tickets, email Kelly McKevitt at, or call her at (312) 448-8014.

The Edward J. King campaign has reached out to FWIW to advise that their candidate, who was appointed to the Kunkle vacancy in the west suburban 4th Subcircuit by the Illinois Supreme Court a year ago, has recently been slated as the Democratic Party's candidate in the March 2016 Primary.

With that information, we now know of Democratic Party slating in the 1st Subcircuit (Judges Maryam Ahmad and Anthony Simpkins), the 4th (Judge King as noted above), the 6th (Richard C. Cooke and Carlos Claudio), the 10th (Stephanie Saltouros), the 11th (Judges Marc Martin and William B. Sullivan), and the 12th (James E. Hanlon, Jr. and Judge Carrie Hamilton).

I don't know who's been slated by the Democrats in Subcircuits 2, 5, 7 and 9, which sounds pretty much like the list of TV channels available when I was a kid. I'm hoping FWIW readers can fill the gaps.

I also don't know of anyone who's running in the 13th Subcircuit, the solid Republican enclave on the northwest corner of Cook County. Again, I'm looking for reader assistance here.


Anonymous said...

The two slated Democratic Party candidates in the 7th sub-circuit are as follows:

The first one is Judge Marianne Jackson who is sitting in one of the two vacancies in that sub-circuit pursuant to supreme court appointment. She was an associate judge before that but wanted to bump-up her pension and the supreme court was happy to obliged.

The second one is Jennifer Ballard of the fancy, schmancy Hinshaw & Culbertson law firm who just graduated from law school in 2008. She was slated in the vacancy that is currently occupied by Patricia Spratt, wife of federal district court Judge William Bauer. Too bad for the judge's wife.

I just love how these things work out. The well connected and the well heeled get the nod. This, my friends, is going to get real interesting real fast. As always, E.P.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Marianne Jackson appears to be getting a free pass at her vacancy as all the other candidates in the 7th have deferred. However there are now at least 5 declared candidates for the Rivkins-Carothers vacancy including the appointed Pat Spratt