Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three more Circuit Court candidates withdraw

Paul O. Otubusin folded his candidacy for the Stuttley vacancy in Cook County's 2nd Judicial Subcircuit, withdrawing from the race yesterday afternoon, according to the Illinois Board of Elections website.

According to the ISBE, Peter Martin Kramer also withdrew from his bid for the countywide O'Brien vacancy on Friday afternoon, while James Patrick Doran withdrew from the race for the McSweeney Moore vacancy in the 3rd Subcircuit on Thursday.

The lineup in these races is therefore modified as follows (with links to campaign websites where known):

2nd Subcircuit -- Stuttley vacancy
  • Carl B. Boyd (Objection Pending)
  • Toya T. Harvey (Objection Pending)
  • Arthur Wesley "Wes" Willis (Objection Pending)
  • Alma Learetta Tyson (Objection Pending)
  • Chester Slaughter (Objection Pending)

3rd Subcircuit -- McSweeney Moore vacancy
  • Thomas J. Carroll
  • Daniel R. Degnan
  • Rosemary L. Costin
  • Tracey Lynn Payne (Objection Pending)

O'Brien vacancy

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