Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lottery results in contested countywide Circuit Court races

Judicial hopefuls don't queue up, shivering in the pre-dawn darkness outside the State Board of Elections on the night before the first day of candidate filing for the camaraderie. Well, not for the camaraderie alone.

The goal of all these night owls was to qualify for this year's ballot lottery -- the drawing to determine who would get the coveted first position on the ballot. Everyone in line when the doors officially opened at 8:00am was eligible.

The lottery is important because experience shows that the first position is worth v-o-t-e-s.

The lottery was held today. While there may yet be changes, whether because of successful ballot challenges or voluntary withdrawals, the ballot order is otherwise set in the eight contested races for seats on the Cook County Circuit Court. Herewith the list of contested races (links are to candidate websites, where known):

Conlon vacancy
Kinnaird vacancy
O'Brien vacancy
O'Mara Frossard vacancy
Pucinski vacancy
Simmons vacancy
Stewart vacancy
Ward vacancy

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