Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Six candidates now in 2nd Subcircuit race

FWIW readers know that former 6th Ward Alderman Freddrenna M. Lyle was just appointed to the Stuttley vacancy in Cook County's 2nd Judicial Subcircuit and that she will not try and keep this seat in the upcoming primary.

You've also read here about Carl B. Boyd (at left) who is seeking this vacancy (Boyd sought the countywide Hayes vacancy in the 2010 primary and the "A" vacancy in the 2nd Subcircuit in 2006) as is Assistant Public Defender Toya T. Harvey. Another Assistant Public Defender, Arthur Wesley "Wes" Willis, filed for this vacancy on December 2.

The field doubled on Monday, when petitions were filed by Alma Learetta Tyson, Chester Slaughter, and Paul O. Otubusin.

Tyson, an Illinois attorney since 1992, has her law office in Beverly, where she focuses in family law matters, including divorce, real estate and wills and probate. Slaughter, a veteran criminal defense attorney (he's been an Illinois attorney since 1971), served a term as president of the Cook County Bar Association in the mid-80's. Slaughter was defense counsel in the "Silver Shovel" corruption case against former Ald. Jesse Evans. Slaughter and newly appointed Judge Lyle had their law offices at the same location. Otubusin has a Loop law office; he's been licensed in Illinois since 1990.

I've so far been unable to find campaign websites for either Tyson, Slaughter or Otubusin.

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Anonymous said...

Two candidates withdrew their petitions: Tonya Harvey and Paul Otubusin.

Alma Learetta Tyson survived the challenge to her nomination petitions on January 4, 2012. The objector withdrew her petition when it was clear the candidate had more than the required 1000 signatures.