Monday, December 19, 2011

Neville appointed to Cahill vacancy; two file for the seat; Palmer assigned

The Illinois Supreme Court announced today that P. Scott Neville, who has been serving on the Appellate Court since 2004 pursuant to Supreme Court assignment, has now been appointed to the Cahill vacancy. Justice Neville is already a candidate for the Gallagher vacancy on the Appellate Court; he has been a Circuit Court Judge since 1999.

Two judges filed for the Cahill vacancy today, the first day of the special judicial filing period. (The Cahill vacancy is the only Cook County judicial vacancy involved in this special filing period.) Associate Judge Mathias Delort filed as expected. Also filing was Circuit Court Judge Pamela Hill-Veal. Judge Hill-Veal was the candidate slated by the Democratic Party in 2010 for the O'Malley vacancy. She's running against the party this time; Judge Delort is the slated candidate in this race. FWIW has heard of as many as three other candidates who may still be circulating petitions for this race (the special filing period closes a week from tomorrow, December 27).

Justice Neville's appointment to the Cahill vacancy created an opening to which a Circuit Court judge may be assigned, and the Supreme Court filled that vacancy immediately by assigning Circuit Court Judge Stuart E. Palmer to the Appellate Court. At the time of his assignment to the Appellate Court, Judge Stuart E. Palmer was serving in the Chancery Division. According to the press release issued today by the Supreme Court, Judge Palmer "was screened in 2009 by bar associations for a potential appointment to the Appellate Court and received high marks, including a 'well qualified' rating from the Chicago Council of Lawyers and highly qualified ratings from several other bar groups, including the Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association."

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