Saturday, December 03, 2011

Five candidates have filed in 6th Subcircuit

As of the end of the week, five candidates had filed for the Delgado vacancy in Cook County's 6th Judicial Subcircuit.

Three are familiar to FWIW readers.

Assistant State's Attorney Gregory Emmett Ahern, Jr., Loop personal injury attorney Mark V. Ferrante, and Assistant Public Defender Beatriz Santiago all filed when the doors opened Monday morning at the State Board of Elections. Each is eligible for the top ballot position in the upcoming lottery.

Also eligible for the lottery is Carlos Claudio, pictured at left. According to ARDC, Claudio works for the Illinois Department of Employment Security. He has been licensed in Illinois since 2002.

Assistant Attorney General Martin Walter Burzawa filed for the Delgado vacancy on Friday morning. He too has been licensed as an Illinois attorney since 2002.

Ahern and Ferrante have campaign websites that are linked from the side bar. Santiago claims party slating in this race. She has no campaign website yet, but has a Facebook page. Claudio also does not appear to have a campaign website at this point, but he has a Facebook campaign page. Ferrante has a Facebook campaign group page. Although I'm sure there must be all sorts of technical distinctions, please don't ask me to try and explain the differences between these types of Facebook pages.

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