Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Three slated for four vacancies in 8th Subcircuit

The Democratic Party's 8th Judicial Subcircuit slating committee met last Sunday afternoon at Ann Sather's on Belmont. There are four 8th vacancies to be filled in the coming election and the Illinois Supreme Court has appointed judges to each of these.

According to 43rd Ward Alderman and Committeeman Michele Smith, the slating committee endorsed three of these appointed judges. They are Judge Celia G. Gamrath (Chiola vacancy), Judge Deborah J. Gubin (Durkin Roy vacancy), and Judge Laura C. Liu ("A" vacancy). No endorsement was made for the Cole vacancy, according to Smith. Judge James L. Kaplan currently holds that seat by appointment. Smith served as vice-chair of the party slating committee. Forty-second Ward Democratic Committeeman John C. Corrigan was the chair of that committee.

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