Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rhonda Salleé announces judicial bid

Per email received this evening, family law practitioner Rhonda Salleé has announced plans to seek election to the bench in 2012. A website has been launched in support of the campaign. That's a link to the website in the preceding sentence; a link has been added to the sidebar.

Salleé has been an attorney since 1999. She has served as an attorney for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, according to her website, and as a staff attorney in the employ of the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, working in the Domestic Relations Division, the Chancery Division, and in the commercial litigation section of the Law Division. In addition, according to the campaign website, Salleé "has successfully maintained her private practice for eleven of the nearly twelve years that she has practiced law."


Anonymous said...

Ms Sallee has shown unprofessional behavior and total disregard for the law. On more rhan one ocxasion has comitted perjury and blatantly lied under oath. Her lack of professionalism would make her a liability to anyone who wouls expect a fair trial.

Anonymous said...

I too have experienced the wrath of Rhonda Sallee. I have been in divorce litigation for 4 years and still going. Her being a friend to my ex-wifes family for many years has dragged me through the sewer of the legal system. This has been done bwcause they can't get what they want from a law abiding citizen who haa never committed a crime. She is not a person that will not show prejudice and it will be a major injustice if she is elected.

Truth Teller said...

She is completely unqualified to serve the public as a judge - she has shown a viper's vengeance to clients' adversaries with NO REGARD for the truth or the consequences of her lying and posturing while in a court of law.

Low class and no good - period.

Anonymous said...

I meet with Atty Sallee today she was very professional, warm, and caring.