Friday, October 21, 2011

Nichole C. Patton campaign website found

Found on the Internet: The campaign website of Nichole C. Patton. That's a link to the site in the preceding sentence; a link has also been added to the sidebar.

Patton was a candidate for the Phelan vacancy in the 15th Judicial Subcircuit in 2010; she is apparently contemplating a countywide bid in 2012. According to her website, Patton is an Assistant State's Attorney with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office, Senior and Persons with Disabilities Unit. This would be Patton's second tour of duty with the State's Attorney, where she served as an assistant from 1996-2001. In between, according to her website, Patton was a staff attorney with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, an associate with Iwan Cray Huber Horstman & VanAusdal and a sole practitioner. Her website also notes that Patton also served as general counsel for Capital Management Group Securities, LLC.

The Patton campaign also has a Facebook page, Elect Nichole C. Patton for Judge.

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