Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Former Ald. Allen slated in 10th Subcircuit

I am pleased to present a guest post today from 41st Ward Alderman and Committeeman Mary O'Connor:

Judge Tom Allen was slated this month for the Locallo vacancy in the 10th Subcircuit.

The slating committee, chaired by me and co-chaired by former Alderman Pat Levar, ran a notice in Nadig Newspapers for candidates. When the slating committee met October 1 Judge Allen and Judge Anthony Kyriakopoulos appeared before us.

Both judges had been appointed to the bench by the Illinois Supreme Court. Our committee believed both men were highly qualified. Judge Allen got the nod and Judge Kyriakopoulos was named as an alternate. That motion was made by Robert Martwick, Democratic Township Committeeman for Norwood Park and seconded by Levar, Democratic Committeeman for the 45th Ward.

The slating committee was made up of Democratic Ward and Township Committeemen whose districts are within the 10th Subcircuit. Other committeemen in attendance included: Patricia Cullerton, 38th Ward; Randy Barnette, 39th Ward; Alderman Pat O'Connor, 40th Ward, and Former Alderman Eugene Schulter, 47th Ward. Those voting by proxy were: Alderman Richard Mell, 33rd Ward; Laura Murphy, Maine Township, and State Representative Lou Lang, Niles Township.

-- Alderman Mary O'Connor, 41st Ward

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