Thursday, October 06, 2011

Democratic party announces Cook County judicial slate

The Cook County Democratic Party's 10-person countywide judicial slate includes eight judges appointed to the bench by the Illinois Supreme Court. The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin tonight confirms (subscription required) that these appointed judges were slated:
  • Russell W. Hartigan (appointed by the Supreme Court to the Moran vacancy);
  • Alfred W. Swanson, Jr. (appointed by the Supreme Court to the Ward vacancy);
  • Stanley L. Hill (appointed by the Supreme Court to the Conlon vacancy);
  • Erica L. Reddick (appointed by the Supreme Court to the Kinnaird vacancy)
  • Lorna Propes (appointed by the Supreme Court to the Terrell vacancy in the 7th Judicial Subcircuit);
  • Pamela M. Leeming (recalled to judicial service by the Illinois Supreme Court after having been appointed to the McCarthy vacancy shortly before the 2010 primary -- and after having unsuccessfully sought nomination in 2010 from the 11th Judicial Subcircuit);
  • Diann K. Marsalek (sworn in Monday after being appointed just last week to the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Margaret O'Mara Frossard); and
  • Jean M. Prendergast (appointed by the Supreme Court to the Jordan vacancy).
Two non-judges also earned the Democratic Party's endorsement for Circuit Court vacancies. These are Deputy Corporation Counsel Michael A. Forti and Cynthia Ramirez, an Administrative Law Judge for the Illinois Department of Public Health. I've seen nothing, at this point, which establishes the vacancy for which any of these candidates have been endorsed. Additional information will follow when available. -------------------------------------------------------------------
Additional coverage: Cook County Democratic Party Slating - 2012 (from Democratic Party of the 49th Ward).

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