Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tribune endorsement questionniare links -- Countywide judicial races

Herewith links to the candidate questionnaire responses posted by the Chicago Tribune. In this post we will look at candidates for the eight countywide vacancies in Cook County. If a candidate's name is not linked, it means that the candidate, as of this writing, has not yet responded to the Tribune.

Please note: Each of the persons listed on this page -- indeed, nearly every single Cook County judicial candidate is a candidate in the Democratic primary. There are two exceptions -- two Republicans are battling for the right to oppose the successful Democratic candidate for the McCarthy vacancy. However, neither Maureen Masterson Pulia nor Michaela Nolan Ryan has yet responded to the Tribune questionnaire.

Berland Vacancy

William H. Hooks

Deidre Baumann

William Burnett Raines


Bronstein Vacancy

Terry MacCarthy

James Edward Hanlon

Diann K. Marsalek

Sharon Finegan Patterson

Thomas William Flannigan


Dolan Vacancy

Susan Kennedy Sullivan

Linda J. Pauel

Kevin J. Murphy

Ubi O'Neal


Hayes Vacancy

Raymond W. Mitchell

Bonnie Carol McGrath

Carl B. Boyd


Kelley Vacancy

John Patrick Callahan, Jr.

Joanne F. Fehn


McCarthy Vacancy*

Daniel J. Gallagher

Paul Martin McMahon

Jessica A. O'Brien

James P. Pieczonka

Brad Trowbridge

* This is the only Cook County judicial race -- countywide or subcircuit -- in which any Republican has filed. Neither of them are listed here. See explanatory note at the outset of this post.


O'Malley Vacancy

Thomas V. Lyons

Melanie Rose Nuby


Riley Vacancy

Sandra G. Ramos

Russell William Hartigan

James Michael Bailey

John Patrick Nyhan

Edmund Paul Michalowski

Marvin W. Gray

Tracey J. Stokes

The Tribune lists candidates alphabetically; they're listed here in ballot order.

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