Friday, December 18, 2009

Judicial candidates interviewed by Judge Hill Veal on PCC NET TV

I've come across an interview by Cook County Circuit Court Judge (and Appellate Court candidate) Pamela Hill Veal of First Subcircuit candidate Thaddeus L. Wilson (Coleman vacancy) and countywide candidates William H. Hooks (Berland vacancy) and Marvin W. Gray (Riley vacancy) on something called the Probation Challenge Connection Network. A mission statement above the video screen advises, "PCC NET TV's goal is to educate and brings about an Awareness - Awareness brings on the ability to think. Thusly,a person can prayerfully make rational decisions."

I had not heard of PCC NET until I came across this video. If it has a cable outlet of any kind, I've not discovered it.

Anyway, you can watch the entire video on Page Two.

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