Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Analysis of 15th Subcircuit races, new video found on the Internet

Found on the Internet, the blog Political Tracks -- a View from the Southside and, in particular, this November 24 post analyzing the 15th Subcircuit races at the south end of Cook County. I'm not adopting or agreeing with the analysis, but I thought it was interesting and worth calling attention to it... for what it's worth.

The proprietor of the Political Tracks blog, Alan Cottrell, also has posted a 16 minute video of Judge John Griffin addressing a recent meeting of "Team Hope" (f/k/a Team Obama) at the Flossmoor Station Restaurant and Brewery. Judge Griffin's talk is on the various ways by which judges are selected in Cook County; you will be unsurprised to learn that the video contains a pitch for Griffin's candidacy (he's a candidate for the Phelan vacancy in the 15th Subcircuit). With Mr. Cottrell's permission, you can watch the interview now on page two of this blog.

As for Team Hope, as the former name indicates, the group began from a core of south suburban Obama volunteers that decided to stay together and politically involved after last year's election. Cottrell writes that Team Hope's meetings are open to the public but that the group "does not make endorsements and encourages participation in the political process as participants see fit."

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