Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Know your Cook County judicial subcircuits

This is a map of Cook County showing its division into 15 judicial subcircuits. Those which have been amateurishly colored in by yours truly have one or more vacancies posted for 2012. As you can see, although most county residents will have one or more subcircuit choices to make, there are large areas, on the South Side of Chicago and in the south suburbs, where there are no subcircuit vacancies so far.

Every Cook County voter will have the opportunity to elect judges in 10 countywide races. If past experience accurately predicts the near future, most, if not all, of these races will be effectively decided in the March 2012 Democratic primary election. Persons taking Republican or non-partisan primary ballots in March, or persons sitting the primary out, may find that they have no say in who becomes a judge in Cook County, Illinois.

For better maps and accurate descriptions of the boundaries of each subcircuit, visit this page of the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

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