Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Four file for Epstein vacancy in 9th Subcircuit

Judge Mary S. Trew was appointed to the Epstein vacancy in the 9th Subcircuit by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2010. Prior to her appointment, Judge Trew made a strong bid for a 9th Subcircuit vacancy in 2010. She filed yesterday to retain the seat to which she's been appointed.

Judge Trew has three challengers so far. Associate Judge Larry Axelrood is making a bid for this spot as is Abbey Fishman-Romanek. Romanek also made a strong bid for a 9th Subcircuit vacancy in 2010 and she appears to have significant backing from elected officials in the area, particularly in Evanston. Her backing is not unanimous, however: Judge Axelrood claims Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin and Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl among his supporters.

The fourth candidate (so far) for the Epstein vacancy is David C. Adams (pictured at right). Adams, an attorney since 1991) is a partner with the firm of Grund & Leavitt. According to the firm website, Adams' practice is in appellate law with an emphasis in civil litigation and matrimonial matters. He is also, according to the firm website, an adjunct professor teaching Advanced Pleadings and Motion Practice in Family Law at the IIT/Chicago Kent College of Law in its LLM program.

Trew, Axelrood and Romanek all have campaign websites linked in the sidebar; I have so far been unable to find a campaign website for Adams.