Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eight is enough... for now... in 11th Subcircuit

Eight candidates filed for the Riley vacancy in Cook County's 11th Judicial Subcircuit when the doors opened yesterday at the Illinois State Board of Elections.

In addition to Steven J. Fruth, appointed to the vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court, petitions were filed on behalf of Ann Finley Collins, John Michael Lagattuta and Pamela Leeming. (The links in this paragraph are to earlier posts on FWIW.)

Also filing in the 11th Subcircuit were Thomas David Bilyk, Maritza Martinez, and Pamela McLean Meyerson. (The links in this paragraph are to candidate campaign websites.)

Real estate practitioner Lisa A. Marino also filed for this vacancy. An attorney since 1988 and a former President of the Justinian Society, Marino was honored just last week by the Justinians as part of the society's Italian-American Heritage Month celebration. Marino has a biography posted on Facebook.

This is another race in which it is likely that others may file. Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Gina Crumble-Jones, who had indicated an interest in making this race, did not file petitions on Monday.

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