Monday, October 26, 2009

Multiple candidates for almost every Cook County judicial vacancy

Two exceptions: First, Judge Daniel J. Pierce, appointed in 2008 to the countywide Kelley vacancy and recently transferred by the Supreme Court to the "A" vacancy in the 14th Judicial Subcircuit, was the only candidate to file for that vacancy when the doors opened this morning at the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Second, Bonita Coleman-John was the only candidate to file for the recently posted "A" vacancy in the 1st Judicial Subcircuit.

No Republicans or Greens seem to have filed for any Cook County vacancies at all in the initial wave of candidate filings today.

Of course, any Republicans or Greens wishing to do so now will find the lines much shorter.

As time permits in the next couple of days, I'll run through who filed for which vacancies. This much is certain: there will be multiple changes... additions... withdrawals... possibly even challenges in the days ahead.

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