Saturday, October 03, 2009

Who's running for judge? Another update

Long-time Cook County State's Attorney James Michael Bailey, son of former Circuit Court Judge James M. Bailey, has organized a judicial campaign committee according to records posted by the Illinois State Board of Elections.

A lawyer since 1984, Bailey ran for the Hartman vacancy on the Illinois Appellate Court in the 2006 primary. He was found qualified by the Chicago Bar Association in that race. Bailey also ran as a Republican for the "B" vacancy in the 4th Judicial Subcircuit in 1996. Of course, at the time of the 1996 primary, the 4th Subcircuit was considered a safe Republican area. (Results that November were to shake that assumption.)

Another Cook County Assistant State's Attorney, Gina Crumble-Jones, is contemplating a run for the Riley vacancy in the 11th Judicial Subcircuit. A lawyer since 1994, Ken Trainor's article for the September 15 Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest notes that Crumble-Jones is currently the supervisor of the Child Protection Division of the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. A graduate of Northwestern University School of Law, Crumble-Jones has also worked for the Public Guardian's Office and for the Department of Children and Family Services.

Trainor's article also tipped me to the 11th Subcircuit candidacy of Assistant Public Defender Pamela M. Leeming. Trainor's article notes that Leeming is currently "a special litigator in the Legal Resource Division" of the Public Defender's Office, "handling cases that involve DNA and forensic evidence. She also does pro bono work on a volunteer basis with a number of nonprofits, mostly involving domestic matters (divorce, adoption, etc.)."

An attorney since 1990, Leeming was a finalist in the 2008 round of Associate Judge Selection. She also currently serves as Secretary of the Asian American Bar Association.

Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Tom Bilyk is the third new candidate in the 11th Subcircuit disclosed by Trainor's article. A lawyer since 1983, Bilyk has spent his entire legal career in the State's Attorney's Office, currently serving as chief of the Juvenile Justice Division.

In his interview with the Wednesday Journal, Bilyk stressed his involvement with, and commitment to, the process of "'balanced and restorative justice,' which [Bilyk told Trainor] moves beyond merely punishing crimes to 'measuring success by how much harm is repaired in the community and how much competence is developed in the offending minor.'"

This is Bilyk's first run for office.

Concluding this round-up, Associate Judge Joan Marie G. Kubalanza, appointed in 1998, has organized a campaign committee in anticipation of a possible bid for a full Circuit Court seat. Judge Kubalanza is currently assigned to the Child Protection Division of the Juvenile Court. Before going on the bench, Kubalanza was a partner with Foley & Lardner.

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