Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Judge Mulroy sends a little whimsy along Harlem Avenue

I had an email this evening from Judge Thomas R. Mulroy, who is already advertising on Pace buses, trying to call attention to his substantial credentials.

Fat lot of good I've done him so far: I initially mistook his ads for those of another candidate. It's my belief (based on personal experience, not academic study) that ads tend to reinforce or shape impressions already formed. Thus, in seeing an ad on a bus, catching that it was for a judicial candidate, I mistakenly attributed it to someone with a similar name (John Mulroe -- whose campaign treasurer was the first to point out my mistake).

But Judge Mulroy didn't take me to task for my error. Instead, he sent me a picture of one of his ads. Here it is:

And it's clever: "Life's not fair. Elect a judge who is."

Judge Mulroy was also kind enough to send me a link to his website -- where, in addition to the kinds of things you'd hope to find on a judicial candidate's website (the text of his positive rating from the Chicago Bar Association, for example, and a number of blue ribbon endorsements), there were more pictures of his bus ads. So here's another one:

The caption may be a little hard to read at this size (even if you've clicked to enlarge) but it says, "Oh, put a sign on a bus saying you've become a judge..."

I'm certain that Judge Mulroy received this advice, in as many words, from someone. But the point is that these are whimsical ads and I think people will respond favorably to them. It's a good way of livening up the campaign... because judicial campaigns can be... well... rather dry.

Judge Mulroy's email this evening discloses that he will be filing in the 12th Subcircuit. This map may help you get an orientation as to where that is:

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