Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Department of accuracy, clarification and backtracking

I had a nice email late yesterday from Jeanne Anderson, who identifies herself as a staffer for John Mulroe's judicial campaign, charged, among other things, with managing Mulroe's "online presence."

(Yikes! Staffers! No wonder my own campaigns never went anywhere....)

Ms. Anderson was checking in because of this September 8 post in which I said I saw Mulroe signs on a bus on Harlem Avenue.

No, Ms. Anderson wrote, her candidate does not yet have any signs on buses. "I'm pretty sure I know the ads you're speaking of," she added. "I take Harlem Avenue to and from Loyola Academy several times a week and have frequently found myself behind a #423 Pace bus with a Thomas Mulroy campaign sign on its rear."

I'm sure that must be what I saw.

In my defense I can only say that I was driving kids to school myself and was paying more attention to the direction of the bus than to its advertisements.

(Yes, that sounds weak to me too. It's the best I could come up with.)

Anyway, Thomas R. Mulroy, most recently a partner at McGuire Woods LLP, was appointed to the bench by the Supreme Court in February of this year. Mulroy has also run his own firm and was with Jenner & Block for many years, serving at one point as head of that firm's Intellectual Property Department and finance committee. Mulroy has been an adjunct professor of trial practice at Loyola since 1983 and has taught at both the Northwestern and DePaul Schools of Law.

Stephen Anderson's article for the ISBA about Mulroy's appointment is online here.

So. I'm glad to clear that up.

Please note that the Mulroe campaign has not ruled out advertising on buses. Ms. Anderson is also John Mulroe's campaign treasurer, she says, and she hopes "we soon have the funds to afford that kind of exposure." Toward that end, I notice, there's a fundraiser for the Mulroe campaign Friday, September 28 at Blackthorn Manor, 7280 W. Devon, Chicago, from 6:00 to 9:00pm. You can download an invite by clicking on the Mulroe link at the top of this post.

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