Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Judge Maddux suing to void judges' mandatory retirement age

I first saw mention of this story on The Capitol Fax Blog but the full details are to be found at Eric Zorn's blog, Change of Subject. Mr. Zorn (or Professor Zorn, as he is known to readers of Neil Steinberg's columns) also provides a link to a file-stamped copy of Judge Maddux's Complaint. Maddux is represented in this matter by David A. Novoselsky, Benjamin Novoselsky, Leslie J. Rosen, and James J. Ayres of the Novoselsky Law Offices.

A September 12 Law Bulletin story about this suit pointed out that Benjamin Novoselsky (David's father) is 92 -- and only recently retired from the bench. Stephanie Potter's Law Bulletin story quoted David Novoselsky, speaking of his father, "A day before he retired at age 90, he was handling two other judges' calls as well as his own.... He's as active now as he was on the bench."

One suspects that Judge Novoselsky's involvement in this particular suit is not entirely coincidental.

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