Monday, November 27, 2017

Seventy nine candidates file in time to qualify for ballot lottery

Not all will need it.

The Illinois State Board of Elections has begun posting candidate filings that, according to the computer at least, took place after 8:00 a.m. this morning. Eighty sets of petitions were filed for 36 countywide or Cook County subcircuit races but one candidate, Kathryn Maloney Vahey, filed both for the countywide Brewer vacancy and the 4th Subcircuit Riley vacancy.

Only three Republicans have filed so far, all seeking either the Crane or O'Donnell vacancies in the 13th Subcircuit; no one was in line to file papers for the 13th Subcircuit Lawrence vacancy when the ISBE opened its doors this morning.

No one was in line to file for the Garcia vacancy in the 14th Subcircuit either.

Among the slated countywide candidates, only Rosa Maria Silva (Egan vacancy), Thomas F. McGuire (Dunford vacancy), Cecilia Anne Horan (Hartigan vacancy), and Jack Hagerty (Rooney vacancy) are guaranteed top ballot positions; the rest drew lottery-eligible opponents.


Anonymous said...

hope you don't stay up all night putting the scratch sheet together on all these races. There were a few surprises of some new candidates who obviously don't read this well informed blog.

Anonymous said...

Friendly warning to you judge candidates -- especially the countywides. Putting your campaign signs on the public way IS AGAINST THE LAW. You put it up on the public way, and it will be removed and incinerated. No candidates are exempt. The south and west sides of chicago and south and western suburbs are tired of you treating our communities like dumping grounds. And that goes for the water reclamation candidates too. "Keep it Clean 2018!"

Give a hoot and don't pollute.