Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Four file for Suriano vacancy in 10th Subcircuit

Judge Gerald Cleary has filed to hold this seat, a seat to which he was appointed in late 2016.

But Cleary was passed over by Democratic slatemakers in the 10th Subcircuit in favor of Colleen Reardon Daly this past August. Daly is also a candidate in this race.

Also filing for this vacancy yesterday were Noreen Connolly and Jill Rose Quinn. (A link to Quinn's website has been added to the blog Sidebar along with those of the other candidates in this race.)

Jill Rose Quinn
Quinn has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1983, according to ARDC. She practices from an office on North Elston Avenue, just west of Cicero (business website link). According to her campaign bio, Quinn is one of the "few transgender legal professionals in Chicago." The bio notes that "[b]eing transgender has taught Jill firsthand what it is like to be marginalized and the vital importance of treating all people with fairness, decency and compassion."


Anonymous said...

It is the oddest gosh darn thing. Noreen has been a huge supporter of Cleary, has given him money in past races, has numerous Facebook postings posing with Cleary and his wife urging folks to vote for Vern, and yet now she’s running against the guy that, according to Facebook, she and her husband vacation with. I hate to sound like Roger Stone dreaming up nonsense, but Noreen’s web site was prepared by Cleary’s campaign manager, Mr. Tenner. Even some of the images are the same and use the same imbedded coding.

I wanted to send Noreen a donation, but alas, unlike Vern’s site, Noreen’s does not accept contributions or even tell you where to mail the check.

And why on god’s green earth do those pesky board of election photos ... well, I don’t want to give away too much in one night.

Anonymous said...

Handicappers are calling this the race to watch this season. CRD has always had momentum going into this race, but VC now has a difficult decision to make now that JRQ is in the race. NC may need to stay in to the finish and not decide to “spend more time with family” the day after ballot positions are decided as race analysts have long predicted. Is JRQ the real deal, or just another member of the Screen Actors Guild ST retrieved from central casting? For those who think JRQ’s foray into judicial politics is groundbreaking, it would be disappointing if she was in the race only to make things tougher for CRD.

I remember mixing various chemicals together in our garage as a kid; my family was too broke to get me a real chemistry set. I learned the hard way — more than once — that sometimes the unexpected happens when you think you’re the smartest person in the room. My eye brows grew back, but I learned two things: the fire department does not show up a fast as you think they will, and when you think nothing will go wrong, it does.

I wonder how VC looks without eyebrows?