Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tiana Ellis Blakely to seek 2nd Subcircuit vacancy, campaign website launched

Assistant Public Defender Tiana Ellis Blakely has announced plans to seek a 2nd Subcircuit vacancy in the March 2018 primary. That's a link to Blakely's campaign website in the preceding sentence; a link has also been added to the blog Sidebar. She also has a campaign Facebook page.

According to ARDC, Blakely was licensed to practice law in Illinois in 2004. Her campaign bio notes that Blakely has served in the Cook County Public Defender's Office for her entire career, working in "several divisions including Child Protection, First Municipal, and Felony Trial." The campaign bio states that Blakely "has litigated over 200 cases from Battery to First Degree Murder."

Blakely was born in Chicago and raised in the Roseland community, where she attended Chicago Public Schools. She did her undergraduate work at SIU and graduated from Loyola University Chicago Law School. Blakely still lives in Roseland, with her husband and three children. According to the campaign bio, Blakely "speaks in neighborhood high schools about crime prevention, and volunteers at senior centers throughout her community." Blakely is a member of the Cook County Bar Association, the Black Women Lawyers Association, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. She has served as Vice President of the Poe Classical School PTA and on the Fernwood Park Advisory Council.


Anonymous said...

There won't be any PD's left in Cook County if they all win in 2 and 8. Richardson and Mackoff might have to reopen its doors.

Anonymous said...

That will be hard to do since both JUDGE Mackoff and JUDGE Richardson will win their respective races. And as we all know, judges are not allowed to practice law....

Wallace Bradley said...

Judge Travis Richardson was appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court because he is qualified, has integrity, and he's be rated WELL QUALIFIED by Chicago Council of Lawyers.

It's been said by the Chicago Council of Lawyers ; " Mr. Richardson is considered to have excellent legal ability. He has substantial litigation experience in more complex matters and is widely praised for his professionalism, his knowledge of the law and for his temperament."

He's been found HIGHLY QUALIFIED by the Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois; QUALIFIED by Chicago Bar Association and the Illinois State Bar Association .

He has earned the respect to be appointed so that he can get the experience of being a Judge who believes what he feels in his heart , that everyone deserves a fair prosecution and a fair trial based on the constitution of Illinois and the United States of America.

Keep a man on the bench who is qualified and experienced to be a Judge in the 2nd Judicial Subcircuit. ELECT JUDGE TRAVIS RICHARDSON


Wallace Gator Bradley-Urban Translator

Anonymous said...

My lord, if Gator is working for them, they are definitely going to have to restart their firm. Good luck. Translation not required.