Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Justice Burke announces 13th Subcircuit vacancy

According to a press release issued yesterday, Justice Anne M. Burke has announced an application process for filling the 13th Subcircuit vacancy created by the July resignation of Judge Jeffrey Lawrence.

Notice of the vacancy and details of the application process are posted on the Illinois Supreme Court's website at www.illinoiscourts.gov. From there, follow the instructions on the "Latest News" scroller announcing the Thirteenth Judicial Subcircuit of Cook County vacancy.

Applications for this vacancy will be screened by a special judicial screening committee chaired by retired Supreme Court Chief Justice Benjamin K. Miller. Justice Burke established this screening committee in 2006.

The deadline for applications is 4:00 p.m. on November 2, 2016. Completed applications should be submitted by mail to the Honorable Benjamin K. Miller, c/o Jenner & Block, 353 North Clark Street, 42nd Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60654. Yesterday's press release specifies that, to be eligible for consideration, an applicant for this vacancy must be a resident of the 13th Subcircuit (the far northwestern corner of the county).


Anonymous said...

Just when you think you are over them, they call or text or they run into you at Whole Foods and all those months in therapy are forgotten because of something they say and how they say it. It may be her radiant smile, or the twinkle in her eye or the warm embrace as if all those hurtful moments in the past never happened. She asks, "how are your parents?" or she tells you, "you look really good" and inside you melt, you prepare yourself and steal your resolve to not give in this time, but as soon as she tells you she is looking to fill a vacancy you forget the tears and the devastation to your self-esteem ... just like you did the eight other times.

They call it the "Cycle of Abuse." Reconciliation leads to hope; hope leads to tensions; tensions leads to abuse, and before you know it you are hand delivering a three inch thick application to the Supreme Court knowing that this time you did everything right, you know in your heart of hearts that this is your time, perseverance has finally paid off, you waited patiently and did not utter a word when one, then three, then five, and then eight others got the nod before you while you stood in the corner wearing your JC Penny suit and Payless shoes because American Access and Safeway have not tendered a $20,000 policy in the last 12 years and the firm that advertises on the buses keeps poaching your cases.

You apply. And then you wait, and wait some more. You convince yourself it is an oversight that you've not gotten a call to be vetted. Maybe your reputation and experience are enough to garner an appointment on its own. But alas, you start hearing rumors. It is like 5th grade dodge ball. Nine people picked before you and you're not on anyone's team yet. You stand there wearing your polyester gym shorts hoping that pasty white legs and a David Cassidy haircut do not disqualify you. When the news breaks and you learn you've not been picked, your friends tell you not to give up, keep showing up to events, write more checks and wait in a long lines at fundraisers to introduce yourself to your host for the 74th time. You really needed to the $250, but maybe this time they will recognize my dedication if not my face, and after waiting in line 30 minutes, just as you are about to reintroduce yourself, you are nuzzled to the side by some rotund, ankle-bracelet-wearing committeemen with a doe-eyed lawyer in tow. And in a stage whisper the committeeman tells the host, "this is the gal we are pushing at slating this year, we just have to appeal a few bar ratings first." The host never makes eye contact with you, never shook your hand and did not get to hear your name for the 75th time. You wonder "is it too late to go take back my check?" Then you think, "no, maybe when he cashes it and sees my name, he'll remember me and call that justice and say 'its high time we help this guy out.'" That's right. It is my time next time. I just know it is. It has to be. I crawl into bed with my cats and a gallon of ice cream and fall asleep reading "The Language of Letting Go" and tell myself as I nod in and out that I am not going to subject myself to abuse again.

The next morning you wear sweatpants to work because your suit no longer fits. You get to the office and read the Law Bulletin on your desk and see that the Associate Judge application process has just opened. You dance and laugh and toss those Zoloft out your window onto LaSalle Street and begin the AJ application process all the while trying to convince yourself, "diversity includes pasty white legs, right?!"

Anonymous said...

Anon 10-04-16 @4:56
Hilarious, even though so painfully true.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anon 4:56, you bring tears to my eyes. I feel your pain. Black Lady Who Reads with Petty Jesus (PJ) looking for tissue. You sound Melanin Deficient. In other words, you could possibly be white based on your 'pasty white legs" comment. But fear not my man, PJ and I are here to help. Talk to one of your black friends who knows how to help you with those pasty whites or as we call them ashy legs. Don't be embarrassed, we all have our ethnic challenges. But there's a temporary cure called Shea Butter. Use it as often as needed. Look for it at a drugstore near you. So slap that butter on and shine those legs up and go back and keep on pushing man. Go for number 76 and beyond. Persistence pays off as long as you stay off the Zoloft. One day PJ will take hold of that 'host' by the ear and whisper your name. You will 'overcome'. I'm keeping my fingers crossed while PJ here is opening up another Shea Butter jar. For me.

Anonymous said...

Kent Delgado appointed to judge Gloria Chevere 's vacancy.

Anonymous said...

WANTED: Irish-American attorney from Bridgeport temporarily seeks low cost studio apartment in Barrington. Must have mailbox and curtains on windows. No working utilities or running water are needed. Building staff should be able to recognize Mark Suppelsa. No surveillance cameras a plus.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it Grand. Justice Burke will appoint another Democrat or minority to the very Republican 13th District so that appointed judge will give up his/her legal practice for the judgeship and then badly lose the election in 2 years that will elect the Republican no one on the Supreme Court knows or recognizes.. Here we go again.

The Last Republican