Saturday, October 22, 2016

Gerald V. Cleary appointed to Suriano vacancy in 10th Subcircuit

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Judge Gerald V. Cleary to fill the 10th Subcircuit vacancy created by the pending retirement of Judge Donald J. Suriano (corrected order here).

The appointment, which was made on the recommendation of Justice Mary Jane Theis (click here for press release), is effective November 3 and will terminate December 3, 2018.

Judge Cleary currently serves pursuant to an earlier appointment, to the countywide Walsh vacancy, that will be filled in December by Patrick Joseph Powers. Cleary filed for that vacancy, but withdrew in December 2015, after his nominating petitions were challenged. Cleary previously sought a 10th Subcircuit vacancy in 2008.

FWIW readers will recall that Justice Theis announced the Burke vacancy in the 10th Subcircuit; the Burke vacancy was subsequently filled with the appointment of Stephanie Saltouros. No separate screening committee was convoked for the Suriano vacancy, as the Supreme Court acknowledged in yesterday's press release: "Justice Theis recommended Judge Cleary's appointment after candidates were reviewed by bar associations and a special judicial screening committee for a previous 10th Subcircuit vacancy."

Judge Suriano was elected from the 10th Subcircuit in 1996. He was slated that year, after two unsuccessful, unslated runs in 1992 and 1994.


Anonymous said...

Where to begin?

When Cleary ran for judge in 2008 in the 10th subcircuit, he only got 23% of the vote. When he ran for judge countywide in 2012, he only got 36% of the vote. When he ran in 2016, he withdrew his petitions in the face of a challenge; even though he had first ballot position. Many on this blog speculated he cut a deal to help the slated candidate. Over the course of these three failed attempts he even ran under two different names.

So much for the luck of the Irish?

Not really. Justice Mary Jane Theis and the blue ribbon judicial selection committee to the rescue.

Ascending to the bench (by election, appointment, or Associate Process) in Cook County is a political process and to the victor go the spoils. Political clout; questionable fundraising; friends and family; unfair bar ratings; city, suburban or out of county residencies; dirty consultants; favors; deals; money; predetermined slating. The list goes on and on.

Sorry to disappoint FWIW readers but I'm not posting any more snarky comments about Supreme Court appointments or their beneficiaries. It is self-defeating and not helpful to my own judicial ambitions. So, congratulations to reappointed Judge Cleary. I do not know how you pulled it off; but, good for you, you did it. I really mean, it, good for you. I am not exerting any more time and energy criticizing appointments such as this, or successful judicial candidates. There is something we all can be learn from them.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:44. Perfectly stated. I would like to add one of my personal favorites to the list. Republicans running as Democrats. And in 2014, even one Democrat that ran and won as a Republican in a north subcircuit. You got it right, Anon, congratulate all the guys and gals that make it. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Most will never get the chance. The lesson to be learned is stop the complaining and stop the jealousy and learn from those who made it. It must be an amazing feeling to put on that black robe. They deserve it.