Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Here's what a good political commercial might look like

From Texas, with humor. I don't know whether Mr. Daugherty is a Republican or Democrat. But not once does he accuse anyone of being in favor of (pick one) arming the criminally insane; bankrupting the State; pandering to criminals; hating women; selling out to Iran; or being a captive, toady, or alter ego of Speaker Madigan or Governor Rauner.

Not one scary-shadow-face of the guy's opponent, whoever he or she might be. No ominous music.

There have been two reasonably nice ads in the Illinois Comptroller's race, one each for Mendoza and Munger. Maybe there were others -- but they are lost in the surging sludge of vicious attack ads. In my opinion.

Maybe this little gem is just a piece of flotsam in a sea of toxic commercials in this candidate's home market, too.

But I hope not.

I hope this commercial represents a step back from the brink.

And I hope it finds imitators here.

Thanks to Ken Levine for posting this ad last evening.

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