Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Stephanie Saltouros slated in 10th Subcircuit; Judge Eve Reilly named an alternate

Tenth Subcircuit Democratic Committeemen have named criminal defense attorney Stephanie Saltouros as their candidate for the Howard vacancy in that subcircuit, bypassing Judge Eve M. Reilly, who was appointed to that vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court.

According to an FWIW source who was present for the slating meeting, held Monday night in the banquet hall of Moretti's Ristorante & Pizzeria in Edison Park, Saltouros, Reilly and five others (Deidre Baumann; Richard G. Cenar, Jr.; James Patrick Crawley; Colleen Reardon Daly; and Katherine A. O'Dell) sought the endorsement.

In addition to slating Saltouros, the 10th Subcircuit Slating Committee, chaired by 41st Ward Committeeman Mary O'Connor, named Judge Reilly as first alternate. This means that the Democratic committeemen in the 10th Subcircuit have voted not to support Judge Reilly if she runs to keep the seat she now holds, but if another 10th Subcircuit vacancy opens up in time for the 2016 Primary, the Party will support Reilly for that vacancy.


Anonymous said...

Your last sentence, and the use of italics, says it all. Patently absurd.

I take it Moretti's serves alcohol?

Anonymous said...

Jack, I sense some bewilderment in the tone of your post. As lawyers, we are trained to think of every possible scenario and rule them out one by one. I've put together a rudimentary list of possible reasons for the 10th subcircuit committee's decision, in no order of importance, for your readers' consideration:

1. Preckwinkle is now telling committeemen that people of Mediterranean decent can only be judged fairly by other people of Mediterranean decent;

2. Boxes of Greek-themed nail files and jar openers are leftover over from the Kyriakopoulos campaign;

3. Arena likes it when the top of Pat O'Connor's head turns magenta;

4. Criminal defense attorney Ed Genson told committeemen to publicly do something totally outlandish so they can claim the insanity defense down the road if ever indicted;

5. The threats from the plumbers union are meaningless in the 45th Ward since Rahm turned off the ward's water supply four years ago;

6. Lou Lang brought a sample of medical marijuana to slating;

7. Election Day is on St. Patrick's Day next year, so no better time to slip a non-Mick past the northwest side voters;

8. Levar blames Reilly for the sausage and peppers joke;

9. The Progressive Caucus lost its moral compass with the Fioretti departure;

10. Arena has nothing coming up before the Finance Committee for the next four years;

11. Karen Lewis is shaking down Martwick;

12. Saltouros lit a bag of dog sh*t on fire on Berrios' porch and rang the doorbell while Arena hid in the bushes;

13. Committeemen wanted to see Mell stand on the desk and scream for old times sake;

14. Kinder, gentler Arena wants to show Rahm, Berrios and Madigan that he is a team player;

15. 47th Ward hasn't voted at slating since Ed Kelly left; or

16. Saltouros' husband works in customer accounts department at Ashley Madison.