Friday, September 18, 2015

11th Subcircuit slatemakers to meet tomorrow

A helpful commenter tipped me off on this, citing to this issue of The Progressive, the electronic newsletter of the Democratic Party of Oak Park.

Here is the text of the announcement:
A meeting of the committeemen of the 11th Judicial Subcircuit will take place on Saturday, September 19 at 1:00pm at the DPOP office, 1243 Woodbine in Oak Park to consider candidates for 2 vacancies for Judge of the Circuit Court, 11th Judicial Subcircuit. Anyone interested in appearing before the endorsement committee is welcome to attend. Please call DPOP at 708-386-0090 or email if you wish to be scheduled.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the acronym is DROP as in "DROP a bunch of big fat checks in my campaign fund for a few years and then we will consider you.

Seriously, why the ruse of holding "open auditions" and inviting "persons interested" to these slating events? In the history of Cook County politics, has ANYONE ever appeared at one of these events who was not already on the party's radar for years, and wowed the committeemen so much with their skill and ability that the committeemen jettisoned the check-writing, door-bell-ringing, third cousin once removed of Madigan, Burke, Harmon or Preckwinkle in favor of the John Doe off the street?

Let's be honest here. The committeemen would not find Ruth Bader Ginsberg wearing a one-piece bikini holding the scales of justice qualified over the political hack of the day that was de facto slated MONTHS AGO.

Why the charade? Why the façade? Why waste people's days and get their hopes up that they even have a chance? It is not only inherently disrespectful, but it is really just a sh***y way to treat people.


The author of this comment was going to write "two-piece bikini," but Jack has been cracking down on bawdy talk on the blog that may appeal to the prurient interests of the reader.

Also, in the original draft the phrase "political hack du jour" was used. That was replaced in the published comment with the English translation as Jack flips out when people use French on his blog.

Oops, sorry. Charade and façade are also French, but the only English equivalents I can think of involve swear words.

Anonymous said...

To add to the above comment. Jack, you do like to defend and uphold the fairness of the process and reasoned that we must as the public might lose faith in the system of justice. I do not think being open and honest on this Blog will result in a wholesale collapse of our system of justice, so let me be honest. Arrogant Judge Sullivan from Oak Park has his old real estate / law office for sale. That is the move of a man that has NO DOUBT that he is soon to be slated by his buddy Don. What real chance do I, or anyone else truly have? Let me answer my own question: ZERO. Now you can go ahead and "flush" this comment because you are the almighty when it comes to this Blog. But, this Blog has become bigger than you. It is the only place where facts, non-facts, opinions, insults, rants, raves, and a few jokes can be aired. So please, let me call Bullsh*t in advance on the 11th subcircuit slating session. I will be there wearing my Sunday best and will report back. Oh, the OTHER vacancy your asking about? I would bet the farm it goes to Judge Martin. But I like this guy a lot, and it has nothing to do with his skills as a Judge. Why you ask? Let me tell you: He is not from Oak Park, that is why. Do your history homework boys and girls and research where the 11th subcircuit Judges come from.

Jack Leyhane said...

@Anon 2:58 p.m. -- I'm pretty certain you know all this, but a member of the general public would not -- so when you mention that a certain newly-appointed judge is selling his real estate and law office, you probably already know that he has to, not because he is certain of slating (although he may be -- I don't know either way), but because he has already accepted judicial appointment.

Canon 5F of the Code of Judicial Conduct provides, simply, "A judge should not practice law." (Sup.Ct.R. 65F)

Canon 5C(3) provides, in pertinent part, "a judge should not assume an active role in the management or serve as an officer, director, or employee of any business." (Sup.Ct.R. 65C(3))

Canon 3A(6)of the Code, in pertinent part, "A judge shall devote full time to his or her judicial duties...." (Sup.Ct.R. 63A(6))

So, Anon, there is no necessary linkage between the pending saleof the candidate's business and his certitude regarding slating. It is unfortunate that your comment suggests otherwise. When a solo, any solo, accepts an appointment, the business that he or she had is, as Hawk Harrelson would say, ovah!

Now, if the candidate owns the building where the business was formerly housed, perhaps he could have rented out the space, maybe even to his campaign committee for a campaign office -- but the general public would not appreciate, from your comment, that the candidate had to shut down his business. If he wins the election, that's no problem. (But you know, Anon, slating is the beginning of the process, not the end, and slating is no guarantee of ultimate election.)

But, bottom line, if the ex-solo candidate loses, he can't go home again. He would have to do something different. Whether the particular candidate is arrogant, or even confident, is something on which I can not opine. But I believe he is obliged to undertake the sale.

Anonymous said...

Jack, as of Friday Judge John Lyke's business web site was still up and running and the phones were being answered by humans. Someone is probably still referring out those new calls and did not get the "ovah" memo.

Anonymous said...

The Canons absolutely DO NOT REQUIRE Sullivan or any Judge to divest themselves of their real estate assets. If I was appointed Judge, as required, I would discontinue my law practice but certainly not sell the underlying real estate of my office. As these judicial appointments are temporary, I would in fact leave open the option of reviving my law practice in the same location, if necessary. This is only prudent. Through many years of practicing law in the same location a significant amount of valuable business equity is established. It seems to me that selling one's law office, prior to the primary election and even prior to slating demonstrates remarkable assurance that only comes with knowing that you will be the slated candidate. So, I disagree that an appointed Judge or solo candidate can not go home again. They certainly can. But it seems to me that this fella, Judge Sullivan, believes he will not have to. He has demonstrated this by putting his office real estate for sale. I agree that the process is not on the level.

Jack Leyhane said...

OK, Anon 1:37 p.m., you really have to pay attention here: He has to sell the real estate business, or close it down. Assuming he owns the building in which the offices were located he can -- as I said -- rent the place out, even to his own campaign. I don't know the man's finances -- and neither do you -- but selling the building, if indeed he is, is a move that could be dictated by serene confidence, bordering (as you want to assert) on arrogance or it could be dictated by dire financial necessity or pretty darn much anything in between those two extremes.

Now, as to your other comment, agreeing the process is not "on the level," OK, that's a different story.... Of course the process is not on the level. It's a political process. Most human activities involve politics on some level. In any political process, there will be favorites and there will be persons with advantages and there will be insiders and outsiders. So, and I'm asking this as a lifelong outsider, how do you propose to make the process "on the level"?

Jack Leyhane said...

@Anon 11:09 a.m. -- I haven't investigated this myself so I don't know whether someone is still answering the phones at Judge Lyke's former law office.

But I did investigate a little when Judge Lyke was appointed -- I try and get pictures to run with appointment announcements and firm websites are usually good places to find suitable photos. I can't tell you her name, but, judging from the photos on the website I saw at the time, it would appear that there actually was an associate in the firm of Lyke & Associates (as opposed to the "& Associates" in my own firm name, which is more aspirational than actual). Anyway, if Lyke had an associate, the business can continue (the firm name is going to have to change, of course, and probably should have changed already).

Anonymous said...

According to Judge Marc Martin's campaign Facebook page, the appointed judges, Marc Martin and William Sullivan, were slated for the 2 vacancies.

Joanne Rosado was selected as the First Alternate

Anonymous said...

I am happy for Joann Rosado's accomplishment. I wish she would have been top-tier, but maybe this means the party will look closely at her next cycle. She knows criminal defense well, is hardworking and has humility and compassion. I really hope we get to see her achieve her dream of becoming a judge.