Monday, September 21, 2015

Martin, Sullivan reportededly slated in the 11th Subcircuit; Joanne Rosado gets nod as alternate

Updated and corrected

A commenter pointed me to Facebook this morning, where Judge Marc Martin reports that 11th Subcircuit committeemen slated him and Judge William B. Sullivan for the two vacancies in Cook County's 11th Judicial Subcircuit.

According to the Elect Judge Marc Martin Facebook page, Joanne Rosado, an Assistant Public Defender who sought an 11th Subcircuit vacancy in 2014, has been named as an alternate, meaning that she would be pre-slated in the event another 11th Subcircuit vacancy should open up in time for the 2016 primary and perhaps meaning that she will be an early favorite for slating whenever another 11th Subcircuit vacancy opens (assuming, of course, that she does not run against the Party now).


Anonymous said...

I think you mean Bill Sullivan not Edward King

Jack Leyhane said...

Yup. Clearly the coffee is not yet working.

Anonymous said...

Coffee not working? Come on Jack, Sullivan and King are hard to
confuse. Not like Leyhane and Clooney. Now if you said Sullivan and
Daddy Warbucks.......

Jack Leyhane said...

I stand firm on my ignorance.


Did that come out right?