Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Judge Kaplan draws four challengers in 12th Subcircuit

Updated to add Meczyk campaign website

When the dust settled from the opening stampede yesterday at the Illinois State Board of Elections, Judge James L. Kaplan, who was appointed to the Jordan vacancy in the 12th Subcircuit by the Illinois Supreme Court, had drawn four challengers to his bid to hold that seat.

Three filed, like Kaplan, for the Democratic nomination. FWIW readers knew that challenges would be forthcoming from James Edward Hanlon, Jr. and Samuel Bae (see, here and here). Judge Kaplan's third challenger in the Democratic primary is Chicago criminal defense attorney Ralph Meczyk. That's a link to his campaign website in the preceding sentence; a link has been added to the blog Sidebar. Meczyk has been licensed in Illinois since 1977.

The fourth challenger, James Paul Pierczonka, filed as a Republican, as he did when seeking a 12th Subcircuit vacancy in 2012.

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