Monday, November 25, 2013

Four file in the 11th Subcircuit

The Supreme Court only recently appointed Judge Pamela McLean Myerson to the "A" vacancy in the 11th Subcircuit.

Judge Meyerson filed this morning to keep her seat and, so far, three challengers have emerged.

Assistant States Attorney Gina Crumble contemplated an 11th Subcircuit race in the 2010 primary, but ultimately chose not to file. Today, she filed. Assistant Public Defender Scott Michael Kozicki also filed for the 11th Subcircuit vacancy this morning. FWIW readers already knew that Joanne Rosado was thinking about filing in the 11th Subcircuit.

Rosado filed in the 11th this morning. She also filed for the countywide Egan vacancy. She will have to withdraw from one of these races.

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