Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A new Cook County judicial vacancy opens

All of us will celebrate Thanksgiving this week, and many of us will celebrate Hanukkah, but the family and friends of Judge Thomas J. Carroll are presumably celebrating the end of Passover.

Passed over at slating time by the Democratic Party, Carroll, who was appointed to the countywide Felton vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court, was given the tenuous consolation prize of being the Party's first alternate just in case a new vacancy might occur after the slating meeting.

Sometimes it happens -- sometimes it does not.

None opened before the end of the regular filing period (earlier this month). But the vacancy of Judge Michele F. Lowrance has now been posted by the Illinois State Board of Elections for the special judicial filing period which runs this year from December 16 to 23. Judge Carroll (and, presumably, two or three others) will have to scramble to get nominating petitions ready. Judge Carroll will have the advantage of help from the Democratic Party in this endeavor.

Only new judicial vacancies posted between now and Monday, December 2 are included in this special filing period. Any vacancies occurring after that date will be filled in the 2016 election.


Anonymous said...

Tom Carroll is deserving of this Vacancy. He know's the Law and has alway's carried himself as a total gentleman. It could not have happened to a better guy who also knows how to do the job. He has always been a stand up person and always loyal.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Carroll has done a terrific job at the Markham courthouse and deserves this vacancy. He has a great demeanor and treats everyone in the courtroom with respect.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Carroll is a solid judge and has proven himself to be an assett to the judiciary. He is fair, honest, and diligent - all qualities the citizens are looking for in a judge. He deserves the spot.

Anonymous said...

I was so relieved when I saw that a vacancy opened up for Judge Carroll. I've been before him on several occasions, and one case in particular was as serious as it gets. He's not arrogant; comes with experience; respectful to everyone; and he calls the balls and strikes as he sees them. He reminds me that Cook County doesn't need good judges, it NEEDS GREAT JUDGES. There's too much at stake. Judge Carroll brings what the bench deserves.