Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Housekeeping: Announcements and requests

Tonight I put up a fourth installment of the "In Their Own Words" series; several other candidates have already expressed interest and I look forward to putting up many more in the weeks to come.

I want every Cook County judicial candidate to have a chance to present himself or herself as he or she thinks best. I invite every judicial candidate in Cook County to send me an email. In 500 words or thereabouts (I initially said 500 words or less and this stressed some people out), I would ask each candidate to say why he or she should be elected. I'm not asking anyone to compare themselves to any opponent. Recall the adage 'you don't make your own candle shine brighter by blowing on someone else's.' I'm asking each candidate to say why he or she is the best choice for the voters to make. I'll run what they write.

A couple of weeks before the primary I'll set up wrap up posts -- I'll arrange "sample ballot" posts. Each candidate who participates will have their name shown as a link -- a link to that candidate's "In Their Own Words" post. That way, voters will be able to 'comparison shop' -- reading each candidate's post and making a truly informed decision about their vote.

I continue to seek candidate website links. If you know of a candidate with a website, send me the link. I will put it in the Sidebar here.


I'm still looking for candidate questionnaires. I think it might be very interesting to examine the questions posed by interest groups on both ends of the political spectrum... especially if we can run them side by side.

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