Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chicago Federation of Labor announces judicial endorsements

Actually, as Rich Miller in The Capitol Fax Blog points out, the CFL made endorsements in a number of races, judicial and otherwise, but Mr. Miller chose not to include the judicial endorsements in his post today. So I'll put the judicial endorsements here.

Click here for the full list of CFL-endorsed candidates in handy .pdf format. This link should take you to the CFL's press release and another version of the endorsement list.

Chicago Federation of Labor
Endorsed Cook County Circuit Court Candidates
February 5, 2008 Primary Election

Countywide Endorsements

Debra B. Walker – Montelione Vacancy

Terry MacCarthy – Glowacki Vacancy

Thomas J. Byrne – Lott Vacancy

Maureen Ward Kirby – Healy Vacancy

Michael B. Hyman – Nowicki Vacancy

Paula M. Lingo – Murphy Vacancy

Lauretta Higgins Wolfson – Disko Vacancy

Marilyn F. Johnson – Keehan Vacancy

Joan Powell – Thomas Vacancy

Subcircuit Endorsements

LaGuina Clay-Clark - 1st Subcircuit – Turkington Vacancy

Patrick J. Sherlock - 3rd Subcircuit – Donnersberger Vacancy

Pat Rogers - 4th Subcircuit – Shultz Vacancy

Stephen Stern - 5th Subcircuit – Judgeship A

Laura Bertucci Smith - 6th Subcircuit – Figueroa Vacancy

Anita Rivkin-Carothers - 7th Subcircuit – Young Vacancy

James A. Shapiro - 8th Subcircuit – Sheehan Vacancy

John G. Mulroe - 10th Subcircuit – Morrissey Vacancy

Gerald Patrick Cleary - 10th Subcircuit – Kowalski Vacancy

Kenneth Fletcher - 10th Subcircuit – Pucincki Vacancy

Michael John Halloran - 12th Subcircuit – Devlin Vacancy

Joe Gump - 13th Subcircuit – Ryan Vacancy

Gary Stanton - 13th Subcircuit – Tobin Vacancy

James N. O'Hara - 14th Subcircuit – Henry Vacancy

Anna Helen Demacopoulos - 15th Subcircuit – Judgeship A

Unless this list is amended -- and it may be, of course -- it appears that the CFL did not make an endorsement in at least one contested primary, the race for the Bush vacancy in the 5th Subcircuit. Also, James N. O'Hara is unopposed in his bid to replace Judge James F. Henry -- but then, the CFL also decided to endorse Justice Anne M. Burke in her uncontested race.

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