Thursday, October 04, 2018

Araujo and Schwind assigned to "administrative duties," referals made to JIB

Pursuant to action taken Wednesday by the Executive Committee of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Circuit Judge Mauricio Araujo and Associate Judge Richard D. Schwind have been reassigned to administrative duties. The assignments are effective until further notice.

The Executive Committee’s decision on the reassignments followed a meeting of the Circuit Court of Cook County Executive Committee convened by Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans.

Judge Araujo's reassignment came about because of conduct referred to in this prior FWIW post. The matter that got Judge Schwind reassigned is discussed in further detail in this post.

According to the press release issued by Chief Judge Evans's office last evening, the Executive Committee referred Judge Araujo to sexual harassment training and counseling and Judge Schwind to sensitivity training. Both matters have also been referred to the Judicial Inquiry Board.

Pursuant to Article VI, Section 15(c) of the 1970 Illinois Constitution, as amended, the Judicial Inquiry Board is authorized to receive, initiate, and investigate complaints concerning active Illinois state court judges. When warranted, it is the responsibility of the Judicial Inquiry Board to file a public complaint against a judge with another constitutional creation, the Illinois Courts Commission. In that instance the JIB serves as prosecutor and the Courts Commission decides what sanction, if any, will be entered against the judge.

The process followed by the JIB in responding to complaints is detailed at this page of the JIB website.

Essentially, though, when presented with a complaint, the JIB may close the complaint because it does not sufficiently allege misconduct or incapacity under the law, investigate the complaint to determine whether the allegations may be well-founded, or require the judge to appear before the board to answer questions regarding the alleged incapacity or misconduct.

Only if the JIB takes the next step, that of filing a complaint with the Courts Commission, will the JIB's evaluation of the charges become public. Quoting now from the JIB website, "Should someone other than a Board or staff member make public the existence of a Board inquiry or investigation, such disclosure is not within the authority of the Board to address. This constitutional requirement of confidentiality protects the judiciary from unjust criticism and protects those who furnish information to the Board."

So the Board can not and will not discuss its investigation into these matters and will not respond to inquiries why it does or does not charge a judge in any particular case.

Therefore, unless a complaint to the Courts Commission results in either case, this figures to be the last we hear about these matters.

The assignments of these two judges to administrative duties are effective until further notice.


Anonymous said...

In 1991, the Senate confirmed Clarence Thomas. In 1992, the women of Cook County empowered a female judiciary that has only grown exponentially. In 2020, payback is a bitch and she will be running for judge. Sorry fellas, but you are all toast.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10/6 is right. Women are done being assaulted byTrump and Kavanaugh. We will take the judiciary and win every race on the ballot from Supreme Court to subcircuit. In 2020, pussy grabbing back. And our midterm election will be in 2019: when we fire Chief Judge Tim Evans and create a vacancy for another sister in the 5th Sub. Empowered women empower women!!!!!!!! Theis had better appoint only women or we will bounce her like we are Susan Collins.

Anonymous said...

Two cowards pretending to be tough. Yes, ladies - post anonymously to show how brave you are. Very effective.
Here I thought justice was blind. It turns out, it isn't. Girl power! You ladies are embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anon 10/9/18 at 10:33:

Don't be a hypocrite. Translation: sign your real name to your post before you berate women who don't wish to be subjected to retaliation at the pussy-grabbing hands of the Cook County Patriarchy! These women are doing what women must always do: act covertly in a male-dominated world. Smash the sexist, racist patriarchy in 2018 and 2020. Yes We Can, Women!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10/9

We are women, not “girls.” And we are the future. Get used to it sweety.

Anonymous said...

Erika Harold for Supreme Court.